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3 Reasons to Buy my Watercolor Masterpieces on eBay Today

Original watercolors by Nicole are available at dramatically low prices. Find out why!


Nicole Hanson

12/12/20232 min read

These vegetables are now available for auction on eBay! You can see them, and anything else that is available, by following the link to my eBay profile. (Here).

Why buy these masterpieces now?

I’ll tell you the story behind them, and give you three reasons to place your bid today.

Why Vegetables?

I painted the four veggies on the left while running a low grade fever. I was tired of all the TV I’d been watching, and desperate to do something, anything. I grabbed the veggies from my root veggie bin, sat them on my desk, and began sketching.

I had no plans for these pieces. I created them for the sake of creating, with no plans to make prints or sell.

And they turned out so good! I was amazed and pleasantly surprised. If that’s what I could produce with a foggy brain and a fever, what could I create, in the same theme, now that I was well?

In the following days, after I’d recovered, I chose to keep the veggies going. I had so much fun with them, and they were so simple compared to the complex “mouse reading” compositions I’d been developing.

So here we have it, ten masterpieces, veggies and otherwise, and counting.

They are available on eBay for auction, so go make a bid!

Why is now the right time to buy these beauties?

  1. Inexpensive

  2. One of a kind

  3. Exclusively on eBay

  4. Inexpensive Original Art


You read that right, I’m selling the originals themselves, not prints.

“This is too good to be true,” you might be thinking. So I’ll explain why the starting bid is set at a mere $3.

I am trying to discover what’s in the middle of the Venn diagram, between, “things I like to paint” and, “paintings people like to buy.” It’s that simple.

I’m using the data around how many views each listing got, how many bids, and how much the original sold for to help guide not only what I paint next, but also what I paint to make prints of next year.

That’s one way your bids on the pieces that interest you help ME.

One of a Kind

Like I said, these 4”x6” pieces available on eBay are originals. They are not prints that ten to three hundred other people also have in their homes.

Whichever pieces you bid on and win-- those originals will be mailed directly to the address you give, and become yours to own forever.

You’re not bidding on copies, you’re bidding on originals.

One of the ways that helps ME is that I can begin to clear our space in my portfolios and drawers and bins for new practice, new doodles, new full-fledged paintings!

Exclusively on eBay

For now, these pieces are exclusively available on eBay.

There is no way to bid on them through email, article comments, Instagram, or Facebook.

My plan is to take whatever happens not to sell, frame it, and list it for sale at Galler 24 here in Rochester MN.

Until then, they are available to be shipped anywhere in the states and at a fraction of the cost.

Place your bid now! (