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Sending Pets on Adventures

A new opportunity for watercolor pet portraits


Nicole Hanson

3/5/20241 min read

We're taking pet portriats to a whole new level! Instead of the traditional pet portrait, send your pet on an adventure of your choise! We'll work together to decide on the pose, colors, details, and more.

Now, that doesn't mean I'm leaving you hanging on ideas. I've brainstormed a whole list of them. You could pick one of these ideas or let this help you think of your own!

Here's what I have so far:

Outer space, on the moon, on a ferris wheel, coral reef, ice fishing, in a hot air balloon, on a pirate ship, with popcorn on a couch, on a beach, in a rocket, world landmarks, a library, a lighthouse, a snow globe, on a train…

If you're wondering, yes, this idea was inspired by my "Mouse Reading" collection, and yes, it was my husband who put the two together.

If you're ready to talk details on sending your very own pet on an adventure (or someone else's, as a gift), check out my Custom Art page. Then let's talk!