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Preorders for Prints

A full-disclosure article


Nicole Hanson

3/5/20241 min read


In the past when I had a new painting I liked, I decided to get prints made and hope that I would sell them. That worked for a bit, and it also became expensive.

I outsource my printing to a local print shop, and I love their work. They do have a minimum order, though, so buying one or two prints at a time just wasn't working anymore.

By experimenting with preorders, I will be able to send them several orders at once, drive to the north side of town once, package everything at once, and take one trip to the post office.

I anticipate that it will streamline a lot of my procedures. The next few sets of paintings will become available all at once, and I anticipate getting the prints to the people who buy them within three weeks of closing the preorder window.

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