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Unlimited Edition Prints and Why They Matter

Description of unlimited edition prints


7/17/20231 min read

Artists have two choices when making prints of their work, and it all comes down to how many prints they're goint to make.


They could put a limit on the number of prints they will make. Maybe they wil commit to only ever making 10 prints of a particular work, or 500, or 2,000. If they put an upper limit on the number of prints, they have decided on limited edition prints.

Read about limited edition prints in this article:

If the artist decides not to give themselves an upper limit, they have decided to create unlimited edition prints.


Because they can make as many prints as they'd like forever and ever, they are not necesarraly as rare as limited edition prints. To some art collectors, this makes them less valuable.

However, because there is unlimited supply, they will generally be less expensive. This is great news for collectors with tight budgets, who are just starting out, or who value the art for it's beauty alone and not its resaleability.